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July 19, 2020

With the statewide mask mandate in Arkansas becoming effective Monday, July 20, PYB would like to address what this means as far as coming to Bland Park to watch games.

Exemptions are for 10 years old and younger and for those who have a medical condition or disability that prevents wearing a face covering.

We encourage all players, parents, and fans to wear face coverings while at Bland Park, but if our patrons are unable to do so, we will not violate anyone’s privacy or federal HIPPA law by asking about your medical condition(s).

Please follow recommended social distancing guidelines to the best of your ability while visiting Bland Park.

Let’s enjoy the last couple of weeks of our season!

Paragould Lumberjacks 2020 8 Year Old Coach Pitch State Champions


2003 12 year old Cal Ripken
2003 14 year old Babe Ruth
2010 13 year old Junior League
2015 5-6 year old Cal Ripken
2016 5-6 year old Cal Ripken
2016 7 year old Cal Ripken
2016 7 year old USSSA
2017 7 year old Cal Ripken
2018 5-6 year old Cal Ripken
2018 8 year old Cal Ripken
2018 11 year old Major 70 Cal Ripken

2019 7 year old Cal Ripken
2019 8 year old Cal Ripken

2019 9 year old Cal Ripken
2020 8 year old Cal Ripken 


Background checks for coaches

The link will provide the steps necessary to complete the background checks for prospective coaches.

Babe Ruth Coaching Certification Program

This link will provide coaches the opportunity to complete the Coaching Education Program